The PavedPath is an interactive website with various sophisticated features to offer guidance, preparation, and connections for pre-medical students along their journey to get into medical school. The purpose of this website is to increase the number of under-representative minorities in professional careers by providing a professional social network that allows students to get advice from current professional students and academic officials at professional/graduate schools of interest. This program will initially focus on connecting pre-medical students in undergraduate institutions to current medical students in accredited medical schools in the United States. Upon successful establishment of the medical branch, the company will extend its user base to other professional/graduate level programs (i.e. dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) and ultimately develop an online pipeline for high school students.

Undergraduate (Premedical) Students

Pre-medical students will create a profile that will showcase key features of their application to minority affairs and/or admission offices of US graduate and professional programs. Profile pages will serve as an online storage system in which students are able to add and save information pertaining to their academic career throughout college. Students will be able to stay up-to-date about current events at the medical school of their interest, contact current medical students, and alert prospective schools of their interest. Premedical students will have to grant permission to anyone who wants to view their profile page.

Your profile will showcase the key features of your application to minority affairs and admission offices of US graduate and professional programs.

Please upload a professional picture that complies with our Terms & Services. (picture of you, no pets, etc.). Upon your discretion, sharing your profile will allow medical schools to see your picture.

The News feed section keeps you up-to-date on events and news that are occurring at medical schools of your interest. News feed includes photos, research articles, videos, and links that may be of your interest

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The Medical Schools section will allow you to search for medical programs by state, keywords, or institution name.

The Experiences section of your profile is designed to give you the opportunity to highlight any work experiences, awards, honors, or research/publications that you would like to bring to the attention of medical schools to which you are applying. A maximum of 15 total experiences may be entered; however you can enter up to 4 occurrences for each experience.

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Undergraduate institutions that subscribe to this resource will also have profiles in order to keep track of student’s activity logs, post upcoming pre-medical events, etc.

Diversity Affairs & Admissions Officers

Admissions offices benefit from the website by having the exclusive opportunity to preview an extensive pool of potential minority applicants and streamline their recruitment efforts through a single database. Secondly, Diversity Affairs/Admissions Officers will have the opportunity to offer guidance to premedical students throughout their undergraduate career on how to be a more competitive applicant. Thirdly, they will have the opportunity to allow current medical students to advocate for their program. Upon subscription with The PavedPath, medical schools can allocate five current medical students the ability to create a profile page that outlines the following information: why they chose that medical school, their undergraduate academic and extracurricular activities, their best advice to students interested in medical school, etc. Premedical students will have the opportunity to communicate with current medical students who attend the schools of their interest.

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