6 Reasons Why Applicants Fail to get into Medical School

"Every year medical school applicants feel confused and in the dark about why they have been rejected by medical schools. They do not understand what they did wrong or what they need to do...View more

The Prerequisites of Medical School

"The key to medical school admissions success is careful planning based on correct information. Research the schools in which you are interested. What are their admissions requirements? Keep in...View more

The New MCAT

Information about the new MCAT

6 Ways To Nail Your Next Shadowing Experience

"The thought of working alongside a practicing physician can be intimidating. Maybe this is what defers a lot of PreMeds from pursuing solid shadowing experiences. Perhaps, you are like me and...View more

What Successful Premeds Do Freshman Year

"As a Freshman it is really hard to try and get everything lined up for the next couple of years especially since you are just starting a new school. Many medical students remember it being really...View more

What Internship will you participate in this upcoming summer?

Here's a great list of internships to apply to this summer

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